Tech Blogs Your Gateway To Get A Glimpse Of Tech News

It is important to be acquaintance with latest tech news as technology has come to inhibit our daily life. If you want to track down latest tech news from credible source, Tech blogs are absolute choice. Tech blogs are the best source of technology and innovations. A good tech blog attracts a large number of knowledgeable bloggers who share their ideas.

Significance of Tech Blogs:

Surfing internet is the most convenient, economical and fastest way to seek information. Tech blogs are becoming a fad, as technology has never ceased to develop. Even in economic meltdown situation, technology especially electronics continue to thrive. Thus, demand for tech news and tech blogs are continue to boom.

Everyday more and more inventions and technology that being generated and it is difficult for people to keep track of them. Tech news blogs cater this need.

Tech blogs are e-ticket to becoming an industry insider. In addition to breaking news, you will find information on tech trends, well-articulated discussions about gadgets and other tech things. Overall, tech blogs share limitless curiosity and passion covering all tech news.

In order to market their products and allure customers, many tech organizations rely on blogs. They place their ads and other offers in these blogs that offer good publicity. Similarly, tech blogs also get good amount of traffic and publicity when reviewing a product.

Integration with social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter offer two-way benefit. This increase traffic to tech blogs and readers get latest news.

Advantages of Tech blogs:

Tech blogs offer hot new updates on all things geek. From latest virus attack to latest device, tech blogs offer all sorts of latest updates.

These blogs help to monitor the prices of devices and appliances worldwide.

Technology blogs lend a hand to the electronic device users in doing maintenance and repairs.DIY articles are very useful.

Tech blogs offer readers news about the latest innovations free.

Whenever new products are introduced in the market, gadget lovers want to be acquaintance with the product. Technology blogs are the perfect place. Tech blogs are impartial critics of products. Technology blogs brief the readers about the features, advantages and disadvantages of the products in an unbiased manner. People want to know about the latest models and explanations about how these work. Product reviews help them to understand and make a decision over what kind of device would suit their needs best.

Tech blogs feature reviews on new gadgets and games. Readers can find new developments in gaming and current technological trends and emerging technology.

Usually tech blogs are easy to navigate and blogs on technology offer tech information on a more informal or personal manner. Thus, people without very scientific background can also benefit from such blogs.

Best Tech News You Should Be Reading Now

For starters, the word blog is the shorter “web log.” Quite often, this really is managed by a particular person or sometimes a group of people who constantly provide records of topics, events, opinions and other things about a particular theme or subject. Currently a technology blog can be precisely the same; it is a website that communicates out news, commentaries, stories, events, and any scenario that has something connected to technology. More often than not, these kind of latest tech news blogs discuss breakthroughs, new creations, updates, and advances on the realm of technology.

Lots of organizations have gone into Technology blogging or tech blogging in abbreviation. Possibly the motive being information technology is all about fresh and modern technology, therefore, off with the regular method of distributing best tech facts and information and use technology itself as the method of offering advancements and pertinent news in the information technology world. In this case, the optimal channel will be the internet. There exists a large numbers of best tech news blogs and in addition they cater to specific information technology topic.

Electronista – the latest gadgets for the information technology standard nerds

Tech Labs – Offers the latest tech news on the web today from software, web development, online apps and even more.

Switched – wish to find out the most up-to-date part of layman technology? This is actually the site. In addition, it includes weird and sometimes funny news associated with computers and gadgets.

Gearlog – it is exactly like the tv guide but these times it is for geeks. It lists the latest gadgets and their application

Daily Tech – a no-nonsense tech blog, made for the intellectual tech savvy people

Epicenter – a serious look at the business side of information technology

Silicon Valley Insider – identicalfor the epicenter however this web site discusses business topics and how they influence other issues with the information technology world like media and communications.

Crave – this site is a in depth guide to the latest computer systems and other computer-related gadgets and reviews and comments about the performance of each
Green Tech – the Green Peace equivalent on the information technology field. This blog takes on technologies role in keeping the earth green and environment-friendly.

Geek Dad- for the nerd and not, who may have kids and who wants to spend quality technology time with each other, this is a great web log. Includes activities that you can do with the kids.

Techdirt – similar to the competitive intelligence guy of the information technology world. This site site assists subscribers into producing the right decisions by supplying these with correct data they will can use.

Gadget lab – concise and accurate commentaries and reviews on the latest gadgetry

Slashdot – the New York Times for geeks. What is important to them are typically here.

Software Product Development–the Unsolved Mystery Of High Tech Part I

One of the most puzzling things in high technology, especially for executives on the business side of things, is the software development process. It’s the high tech equivalent to the “Black Hole” phenomenon made famous in Astronomy. Endless resources can be poured into a software development project, yet there never seems to be an end in sight.

And why is this so? It seems that in such a typically high tech, yet now familiar activity, we would have long ago figured it out. You would think that the process of software development would, by now, amount to simply turning a crank–yet it seems it hasn’t advanced much since the dawn of the PC age.

I don’t mean to be overly dramatic here. But I have been in the high tech and software industries since 1983, and I have never been involved with–or even personally known of a software project–that came in on time and under budget. Never. Not even ONCE. That’s pretty incredible. Now, I realize that there are almost certainly examples of on-schedule projects out there, but they are in the overwhelming minority of all software that is developed.


It’s just accepted in the software business that projects will slip, particularly when the end result is an actual commercial product. The businesses I’ve been involved in have tried everything. We’ve tried an approach of “No upfront planning”–starting coding as soon as possible. We’ve tried “extensive and laborious upfront planning”–with a detailed spec, and a prototype, completed prior to initiating production coding. I’ve seen many projects that tried using intermediate steps, falling between the two extreme approaches above. We’ve tried to start projects by purchasing as many “pre-written” modules as possible, used various languages and platforms, hired dedicated debugging personnel, tried code-generators, assembled both small teams & large teams, you name it–we’ve tried it. Project schedules have been written with the utmost conservatism, at the insistence of senior management. No matter. Across a number of different companies, EVERY project has slipped out beyond the wildest nightmares or everyone involved.


Once I asked our lead programmer to change ONE LINE OF CODE in a well-established product. He estimated it would take just a few seconds to make the change, and a few hours to test it. The change would be final by the end of the day, at the latest. Two weeks later I was still waiting for a solid product.

Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not writing this to bash software developers. While not every developer I’ve worked with over the years has been a world-beater, I’ve had the fortune to work with quite a number whom I consider to be outstanding. But no matter how much thought, time and effort went into it, our projects always slipped. A lot. We usually ended up with a commercially successful product, but how much better we could have done, had we figured out a way to bring the product to market on time? The only saving grace was the competition had the same problem.


The reason, I believe, is that writing software remains much more of an art than a science. This statement is a bit surprising, until you look a little deeper. There is certainly much methodology available to guide a team to use sound, time-tested practices in developing software. However, a software program is really just a document written in a foreign language. That’s why C++ and Java are called Programming Languages. In writing a novel you are essentially creating a unique work that has never been done quite the same way before. Also true for a software program. If you knew exactly how the writing of a novel or software program would go before you began, there would be no need to write it–it would have already been done. While there are plenty of rules (representing the science) to writing good software, at the end of the day it’s a unique, written creation (the art).


Another key reason why conquering the software development process has appeared to be impossible, is the vastly increased complexity associated with software projects today. Let’s face it, the average piece of software today does a lot more, and is quite a larger in terms of the number of lines of code, than at the dawn of the PC era. The creation of graphical user interfaces really started the explosion in the size of software code. So much more code is needed, to bring the user-friendly products of today to life. And what enabled this, of course, was the dawn of the modern operating systems, especially the overcoming of the 640K limit that the original DOS operating system required PC programs to run in. Windows and other modern operating systems almost eliminated the need to write software efficiently, at least from a code size perspective. It’s interesting to speculate–if we were still writing in the 640K box, would software development have evolved to a more predictable science today? Maybe, but the world would be a less productive as a result.


As you can tell from this discussion, I don’t have a great set of answers on how to bring software to market on time. It’s one of the great frustrations of my career. I still strongly believe that getting the best people you can get will make the problem better, even if it can’t be solved completely. I also believe in keeping development teams small, with the minimum of structure necessary to run the project. It’s also wise, in my opinion, to structure your product releases to be more frequent, while adding fewer new features per release. This should at least minimize the pain of each release slipping, since the slip time of each release should be less. And knowing what you’re going to be coding, developing a spec document and sticking to it (no feature creep!) is also sound practice, although I’ve found it to be no panacea. Beyond that, I’m at a loss. Maybe one of you has a strong opinion on how to bring projects out on time? If so, post a comment–this is a discussion worth having.
Monitoring the progress of a software project can be like peering into the darkness of a seemingly bottomless pit.

And why is this so? It seems that in such a typically high tech, yet now familiar activity, we would have long ago figured it out. You would think that the process of software development would, by now, amount to simply turning a crank–yet it seems it hasn’t advanced much since the dawn of the PC age.

I don’t mean to be overly dramatic here. But I have been in the high tech and software industries since 1983, and I have never been involved with–or even personally known of a software project–that came in on time and under budget. Never. Not even ONCE. That’s pretty incredible. Now, I realize that there are almost certainly examples of on-schedule projects out there, but they are in the overwhelming minority of all software that is developed.

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After you’ve decided the subject of your blog, you will then need to register with a web logging host. The most popular web logging hosts are Blogspot and Word press, both of which offer their service for free. Just go to their websites, follow the instructions and get your blog up and running. You can then spruce up the look of your blog by choosing between pre-designed templates, colors, fonts and designs.

If you run a business site, but do not currently have a blog, there is a great chance that you are leaving money on the table. Regardless of what kind of business you are in, a dynamic and interactive web log will improve customer response and add profits to your bottom line.

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Creating The Unique Blog – Consider Photobucket

The blogging phenomenon continues to grow after it was initially introduced more than ten years ago. This online craze now includes the popular photography site Photobucket with their ever growing Photobucket Blog. The concept is a simple one – you can create a blog that is embedded with your favorite pictures. In addition, this site may contain pictures from your family vacation, a social gathering, formal functions, and can even include your marketing ventures.

While some may be quick to dismiss the possibility of using such a site for an online business presence, it can, in fact, bring a whole new set of specifically targeted customers to your web site. There is no need to resemble a “blogger tech geek” when using this personalized service and it’s target rich features. Combined with your seasoned marketing skills, it affords the internet business owner to take a much more relaxed focus to acquiring a new set of customers.

Countless thousands use the site’s photography services each day and their online community continues to grow and expand. Too, you can take the opportunity to post responses at various member blogs and provide backlinks to your web site. While other web site owners are concentrating on the well-known sites (and these services should be used too, of course), you can be one of the few who should summon this marketing power in order to propel your business to new heights.

Now you can see how this popular photography site can reach an entirely new audience and clientle. Another advantage of using this service for your online business comes from knowing that you can attract a targeted audience of potential customers. For example, if your web site is dedicated to digital cameras, then your likelihood to attract members of Photobucket is certainly increased as compared to using a more traditional service like WordPress.

Having a unique internet presence with little to no competition benefits your web site and it is a sound business principle, but having an atypical blog design solution can only increase your ability to attract a growing customer base. By employing this method to your marketing schemes, your online business will continue to expand and prosper as you seek to gain new growth each day.

Ten WordPress Plugins For Your Tech Blog Page

As a basic rule of thumb most errors you’ll encounter with your WordPress blog are the result of excessive or incompatible plugins. While a lot of come across the assortment of crucial plugins a conundrum I believe that in testing each and every plugin one particular-by-one with the latest model of WordPress so I can isolate the dilemma to ascertain the result in of the slow load times, call purpose errors or php memory limit warnings. The most worthwhile tool I can tell you when it comes to plugins is that when possible seem for current code that can accomplish the identical end result. Of course there are selected plugins that even I use in my WordPress Blogs. I’ve compiled a list under of the prime 10 plugins that I use on a daily basis that I believe that will assist any tech weblog: * AdSense Now – There are a lot of ad insertion plugins for WordPress, but if your tech blog site is employing AdSense – this is the plugin I advocate. It makes it possible for you to insert your advert blocks aligned left, center or center in three sections of a submit. It also offers you the solution to suppress advertisements on pages, class pages, tag pages, archives and more. * Audio Player – Getting capable to insert mp3 clips or podcasts into your blog page can be a dilemma. Audio Player is a plugin that tends to make this procedure easy – merely develop a music folder on your web-site via FTP and then upload mp3 tracks to the directory. You can insert the created-in audio player into any of your posts or pages with a uncomplicated line of code – painless, uncomplicated and simple. * Facebook Sharecount – It’s no key that social networking internet sites like Facebook are efficient approaches to create a fanbase, but currently being ready to harness that energy relies on an simple way to share your wonderful content material. Facebook Sharecount will make it simple for site visitors share your posts and keep track of your content material. * Foliopress Descriptions – When your tech weblog has hundreds or even hundreds of posts you will want a way to mass edit your descriptions. Even though the value of meta descriptions is debated, I nonetheless believe that a hand written summary should be written for each and every post. Foliopress Descriptions supports publish excerpt, These and All In 1 Search engine marketing meta description fields. * Google XML Sitemaps – If you’ve examine my past publish on how to get indexed by Google and Yahoo you know that obtaining a sitemap is vital. This plugin car generates your sitemap in a wonderful and neat XML file and let’s search engines comprehend the material on your tech website. Soon after putting in and activating the plugin Google XML Sitemaps will take care of the rest. * NextGEN Gallery – Managing your photos and photograph galleries can be a discomfort, but NextGen Gallery helps make this uncomplicated. With features like vehicle resizing, watermarks, thumbnail creation as effectively as gallery results – NextGEN Gallery is a ought to have plugin. * Star Rating for Opinions – When you run a tech weblog sooner or later you will commence receiving goods for evaluation. Generating a stable critique is as significantly about content as it is about presentation. Star Rating for Critiques permits you to generate ratings for the items you assessment or even price distinct factors of the merchandise and averages the ratings to establish a last score. The opportunities are limitless with the plugin – a should have for anybody wanting to examine tech. * TweetMeme Retween Button – If you appear at the posts on TechBlogStartup you’ll recognize a yellow Retweet button aligned to the right. The strength of Twitter is expanding by the day so creating it uncomplicated for your reader to ReTweet excellent subject material can show incredibly useful. If you’ve installed Google Analytics like I explained in my preceding submit here, then you will be capable to monitor just how several website visitors enter your submit by Twitter. If you are questioning why I haven’t incorporated ShareThis it’s due to the fact I manually insert the code instead of utilizing a WordPress Plugin. * WP Super Cache – If you’ve heard of Digg then odds are you’ve heard of the Digg Impact where by an write-up on a site turns into so well-known so speedily that the flood of targeted traffic to the internet site brings about the server to crash. Given that WordPress blogs are created on SQL Databases they are hugely susceptible to this problem, but putting in WP Super Cache can pretty much eradicate this menace. The plugin builds a cache of your posts and generates a static html page so that the server load is reduced and your internet site can deal with much more website visitors. If your tech blog site is brand spanking new I would install the plugin but not activate it until finally I started off to see spikes in targeted visitors or one of my content was picked up by a significant tech blog site like Engadget or Gizmodo. * All in A single Seo – Search Engine Optimization is a crucial ingredient to driving organic traffic to your tech blog site. Writting good material is essential, but after you have designed that subject material you will need to make guaranteed that it targets keyword phrases and consists of some basic optimization to make certain it is search engine friendly. All in 1 Search engine marketing does this position quite nicely. If you are utilizing the WordPress theme I use (Thesis) then you will not want this plugin, but for very significantly each and every other WordPressTheme I advocate installing it correct away so that you can commence writing your customized meta descriptions All of the plugins I’ve pointed out above can be downloaded manually and then uploaded via FTP to your blog or you can add them from within your WordPress Dashboard – personally I prefer the latter. If you are pondering why selected plugins are not listed on my prime 10 listing – I just don’t come across them necessary to a tech blog. You will notice that I do somethings with TechBlogStartup that quite a few folks use Plugins or Widgets to do – eg. the top rated six content articles aligned horizontally at the leading of the web-site or the Current Posts section in the facet bar. For tech blogs that obtain a huge volume of traffic, limiting the plugins helps lessen the SQL memory load and if you’ve actually had a website crash you know just how crucial this is. Do you have some WordPress plugins on your tech blog page that you think we really should know about? Go ahead and drop your very own listing or hyperlinks to the plugins in the comments section under so we can verify them out.

Tech Support For Computer Repair and PC Optimization – Tech Icode

Pc Optimization can be recognized as the vital tonic to boost up the computer system. It has become the major area of concern for the users. Many computer support firms are creating strategy for computer or pc optimization. They are using problem solving techniques and implantation of third party software to take care of all the technical issue. I will focus this content to take care of some common problems. Unfortunately you may face problems where your display gets frozen and applications stop replying. Even you cannot close the windows of some program. This is the dreadful scenario. The reason behind could be lack of RAM, disease of malware or mistake in operating system. Notice the time of the freezing, in most of the cases your system will be able to recover the regular scenario by standard without any attempt. But if the things are not in benefit bring out the Process Administrator program with simple key pad activity: Media the ‘Alt’, ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Del’ control buttons all simultaneously. You would area to a Screen structure, now search down the system which is resulting in the mistake and choose to end the system. Now, again you can start the system and get the normalcy. Note: IT Support firms say that reduced value of RAM is the primary reason behind hence to prevent frequent repeating you may update the RAM. However, you may not be fortunate every time. If the issue is not resolved with the Process Administrator then the main cause may be viruses disease or data file crime error of Operating system. If you do not have any suitable anti-virus, than opt for the best one available in the marketplace. Some reliable titles contain, McAfee, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and so on. Before making obtain, make sure that they are suitable to your windows foundation. The part of the anti-virus system is to check out and eliminate any viruses, malware, viruses, remote monitoring software, root kits and so on and do the computer or pc optimization. A firewall is a device or a set of devices, which can be applied in any of the components, software or hardware both. All the information passing through this software is verified to meet some stage of protection requirements. It functions as a pc protection barrier, which examines all the inbound and confident traffic to and from your pc or network based on the software configurations. There are some common types of firewalls like: Circuit gateways and Hybrid firewall, Application level gateway, Packet filtering firewall. Application level entrance software performs on the applying layer of the method collection. It performs more wisely than the bundle filtration software. Packet filtration firewall investigates the information in the headlines of the message packages. There are some factors based on which the filtration can be added or removed from the firewall are IP address, Ports, Protocols. Now there are many companies in the marketplace which are leading provider for the pc support and all technical support services as well. But every company has its rules and regulation to solve the problems of your system. Some are able to solve you with the great technologies like advanced troubleshooting in your computer system. These companies are really the best part of the market and cover up all the home and business network. Computer repair is really a great technology which make your system running fast or virus less.

Why Learning To Convert ebooks Is A Must For Any Bookworm

Are you an avid reader professionally or purely as a recreation? Then one of the modern skills that you must know is how to convert ebooks. By learning the simple steps that will turn your humongous tome into kilobytes of information you will change the way you interact with books altogether. Soon you won�t be driving to a bookstore but rather browsing leisurely on the internet and downloading what you want. Books previously confined to university libraries will now be at your fingertips to access and read at your leisure. Are you an avid reader professionally or purely as a recreation? Then one of the modern skills that you must know is how to convert ebooks. By learning the simple steps that will turn your humongous tome into kilobytes of information you will change the way you interact with books altogether. Soon you won�t be driving to a bookstore but rather browsing leisurely on the internet and downloading what you want. Books previously confined to university libraries will now be at your fingertips to access and read at your leisure.

How will your acquiring the skill to convert ebooks change your existing library? Once converted into e-books, your library is now going to be infinitely more portable and available at the touch of your fingertips. They are also going to be accessible to be used for barter for other e-books thus potentially growing your library exponentially with little cost to yourself and only using up as much space as your tablet needs.

So if you want to convert ebooks where would you start? The first step is to find software or a converter webpage that works for you. This software will enable you to convert your scanned or text documents into e-book reader formats. To do this the simplest way possible it would also help if you had OCR support. The good OCR software will enable you to convert scanned pages from your book into text documents that can then be converted to e-book formats.

The first step in converting ebooks is to scan the pages of the book using a high resolution scanner or to have them digitized by having somebody actually key them in. If they have been scanned run all the text pages through OCR software which will then convert them to text. If you have an audio book find software that will convert voice into text.

Whatever process you use you are going to have to go through a long process of rigorous proof checking to ensure that the converted ebook is error free. Once you are sure use your software to convert the file into any format that will be accepted by your eBook reader. These are EPUB, LIT, FB2, MOBI and PRC. If you are using OCR software then first convert the file into a text format like TXT, RTF, DOC and then convert to any eBook format.

Importance of Cheap Web Hosting Services in the Third World

Technological advancement in the world has seen most third world countries embrace modern ways of doing business. The use of internet has therefore penetrated almost every sphere of urban life in these countries, with a good percentage of people especially the youth, using the social networking sites to share ideas and communicate important messages on issues that affect their day-to-day lives. Most businesses in the third world countries are now using the internet to run their affairs.

This has been necessitated by the urge to remain competitive in the global market. The introduction of cheap web hosting services has therefore come at an opportune time. Cheap web hosting services have enabled the most businesses to have websites. This is a good development since even growing businesses with limited cash flow can afford to advertise their services in the web and reach their target audience globally. In this case, you will find that the rate of job creation in most third world countries will go up and are the people�s standards of living. Cheap web hosting services has seen the creation of many online businesses in the developing countries.

These businesses may be subsidiaries of companies that operate globally .In this case, there has been an extensive transfer of technology from developed countries to developing countries. Increase in the number of online businesses has led to the creation of both direct and indirect jobs. Most countries in the have very high unemployment rates and such new online businesses play an important role in fighting unemployment.

Since most third world countries are bedeviled with poor governance, most people are relying on social networking sites to fight the ills of the government of the day. Some courageous third world citizens have been able to have their own websites, where people are invited to share their views on various issues of importance, thanks to cheap web hosting service providers.

WordPress Isn’t Just For Blogs, It Works For Big Companies Too

In the realm of new age virtual communication devices, it has become imperative for organizations to establish several channels of communication with their targeted clients. The organizations are required to establish a mode of two way communication with clients. They need to tell and hear from their targeted and potential clients. In such a quest, WordPress becomes the light bringer sword of Game of Thrones series. Literally, WordPress has given people the power of expressing themselves at no cost at all. Business organizations can run official blogs to send their product and service related updates. It simply works like Facebook or any other easily usable social media portals. However, you require the services of a seasoned WordPress development company to get it installed on your web server.
Something about WordPress!

WordPress is most convenient and high-tech blog publishing platform. Here you can run your blog as well as create a customized website as per your requirements. It is very easy to install and upgrade. It can also work like a complete online store management system. There are many freely available WP plugins that helps in making a user friendly weblog portal. Depending upon the efficiency of WP, businesses that use this CMS go forward in terms and growth and client satisfaction and the avoiders face the threat of extinction. Hence, WordPress emerges as the most suitable tool to manage your website in a convenient and effective manner.

Let’s Explore its Technicalities
It is fully W3C standards compliance that makes it best among all the other web applications. WordPress is fully loaded with many interesting features and benefits like spam protection, cross-blog communication, user registration system, XML-RPC interface, intelligent text formatting, cross-browser bookmarklets and many more. For installing this CMS, you need to hire an experience WordPress Development Company. Developers at such service provider convert PSD to WordPress as well as customize the theme of WordPress according to your needs. The custom WordPress blog theme customization can help you in following manners:

1. Hand coded strong HTML/XHTML/CSS strict mark-up

2. Integrated link management

3. Cross browser compatible theme

4. High quality standards

5. SEO semantic coding

6. After sale-customer and tech support

These are the main benefits which you can avail by choosing WordPress over other CMS tools. Make sure your developer is skilled enough to convert your psd files correctly. Previously WordPress was known for just blogs, but now it is a big giant of the internet world. You can create your website, manage your data on your website by yourself because it’s too easy to handle.

Since, web development industry is constantly getting advanced with the new most advanced technologies and it’s really tough to figure out the future. In the future there may be a decline in demand of PSD to HTM/XHTML/CSS conversion services as per market trends so far. The web development industry is constantly shifting towards PSD to WordPress conversion. Because WordPress based websites are most attractive and user friendly. This conversion also helps in control to extra expense over website maintenance. Websites demand maintenance cost time to time for that you would have paid a lot, but WordPress helps in expense management too.